My Theory on Evil Morty


There’s a lot of speculation on who Evil Morty is especially after the season 3 episode 7, “The Ricklantis Mixup”, “Tales from the Citadel”. The most popular theory is that Evil Morty is Rick C-137’s original Morty that he raised since birth which is what gives him his high intelligence over the other Mortys. This would also make the Morty that we’ve all been following not Rick’s original Morty, but some other Morty that lived in a universe with an absent Rick. This theory is reasonable, but way too easy and straightforward. So easy, that at this point it would be quite boring and disappointing for a show like Rick and Morty.

   Based on what we know about the many universes within the world of Rick and Morty. There are many different types of Ricks and Mortys, such as the Doofus Rick or Rick J19ζ7, whom has the intelligence of Rick yet unlike all the other Ricks, he displays the most empathy and compassion. It could be that that particular Morty has no real connection with Rick C-137, but has the least compassion and empathy out of all the other Mortys so far. We’ve already seen in season 3 episode 6 “Rest and Relaxation” what Morty becomes when he loses his empathy, compassion, and everything else that makes him pathetic. The demeanor of “detox” Morty is very similar to the demeanour of Evil Morty. A very confident and motivational Morty who can influence the public in his favor, yet is cold and collected at the same time.

   Where Evil Morty gets his intelligence, is learn in season 1 episode 10 “Close Rick-counters of the Rick Kind”. Through Evil Rick, Evil Morty has created a spectrum of Ricks from least evil to most evil. Using this spectrum he has been collecting the memories of some of the most evil Ricks for information. This piece of the puzzle can very well throw out the whole Rick taught Evil Morty since birth being the reason why Evil Morty is so much more intelligent theory. It’s safe to say the new information that he’s compiled from other Ricks, is what gave him the ability to find a random Rick who could be used as a scapegoat. That Rick being our Rick, C-137, because he is against the Council of Ricks and seen as a rogue to the Council of Ricks. Making him the perfect Rick to take the fall. Yet, why is it at the end of the episode “Close Rick-counters of the Rick Kind” that Rick tells Morty that “A cocky Morty can lead to some big problems, can be a real bad thing for everybody”?

   It could be that our Rick has already encountered a “cocky” Morty. It could be a Morty from another dimension sinces as a viewer we have no idea how many dimensions Rick has travelled through throughout the years with and without our Morty. After season 3 episode 8, “Morty’s Mind Blowers”, we’re not even sure how many times he has relocated residency in another universe with Morty within the series. The fact that Rick does wipe Morty’s memories could very well mean he’s exhibited a “cocky Morty” in Morty C-137, but just wiped enough memories from Morty to bring him back to being the pathetic Morty we all know. We have already seen what happens when Morty’s confidence level rises during “Rest and Relaxation”. He becomes more independent, intelligent, but also very apathetic with little to no empathy. In season 3 episode 5, “The Whirly Dirly Conspiracy”, we see how Rick’s influence has actually changed Morty. When Rick is away and Beth and Summer need Morty to help them with one of Rick’s machines. It is Morty who takes charge and deforms Ethan out of vengeance. Showing that even without a “detox”, Morty is capable of figuring out Rick technology and hurting others out of spite. Meaning Evil Morty could just be a Morty from a random dimension who was able to take control from his Rick. If all that is possible, then why are we shown evidence of Rick being around when Morty was a baby and young child? Why is Morty unable to figure out that the baby with Rick in the picture at Bird Person’s house is him? We as viewers don’t know for sure if that baby is Morty. Its just an assumption since the baby has a yellow shirt on.

   The now known fact of Rick erasing memories from both Morty and Jerry in “Morty’s Mind Blowers” means that Rick could have been in and out of his families lives throughout Beth’s childhood and his grandchildren’s childhood. Knowing how Rick’s adventures tend to come with him to earth, he could of messed up at some points and had to erase his family’s memories creating giant holes in their lives. Also the audience really has no idea how long our Rick’s been away and what was going on before the start of the show. The only “hint” was in “Close Rick-counters of the Rick Kind” when Beth was celebrating Rick’s one year anniversary being back with the family, but and a big but is that that was a Rick of another dimension. We also have no idea what that Rick was doing and what memories he erased in his timeline.


   There are still many holes in the all the theories of Evil Morty. Enough holes that fans can speculate many possibilities of who he is and how he became. Enough holes for the writers to build on. With every episode it seems there are more possibilities of how an Evil Morty became. For right now, I believe he is an unrelated Morty to dimension C-137 who took an opportunity to overpower and control his Rick and has compiled Rick intelligence for his own gain. It will be interesting to see what this Morty tends to do with the Citadel since we already know he discards and uses Mortys just like how a Rick does in “Close Rick-counters of the Rick Kind”, but he also controls and disposes of Ricks. So why is Evil Morty doing all this to take over when he seems to have the capabilities of freeing himself from Rick. I guess we’ll have to see how it unfolds with every new episode.


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