Stitch Fix Review: My Personal Experience

   After seeing countless commercials and online ads on Stitch Fix. I decided to give it a shot out of curiosity not really researching on it or anything I went head first not knowing what to expect. They have you answer a series of questions such as your body size, shape, and general styles you prefer. You also can give additional statements to the “stylist”. Basically you pay $20 for the “stylist” to choose what they think you’d like and you either buy some, all, or none of the items you choose. If you choose to buy none of it you get your $20 back.

   I did not realize that you are physically sent the items to your door. Then you mail back what you don’t want and they bill you for whatever you keep. I thought when a “stylist” chooses then send you pictures of the items online and you decide whether or not you want it sent back. So getting a box full of clothes and an accessory in the mail was a shock. Inside the box there are instructions on how to send the items back as well as a postal bag package you can use to drop off the items to a USPS box or USPS post office. There is also information on how much each piece of clothing is so you know what you’re going to be charged if you do decide to keep items. Also there one big piece of information that you need to know about the whole sending back items if you don’t want it. You must send the clothing back within 3 days or you will be charged for everything they sent you. Stitch Fix specify if it’s business days or not on the info card in the box. Meaning try to time when you get your box in so you don’t get fucked over if you miss the 3 days or not because of weekends. In my opinion 3 days is a big red flag because that gives you almost no time to resend the stuff back. Especially if you got the experience I did and decided to send everything back never again to use their service.

   Personally I would never use this service ever again. This could be partly my fault for mentioning in my questionnaire that I work from home. Since the “stylist” decided to send me some of the ugliest and frumpiest clothing that I would never even dare to put on my body even if I wasn’t going outside. The clothes literally looked like $5 a piece clothing you can get from a Chinese wholesale clothing it. The one pair of jeans were not hemmed at the legs making them appear unfinished and tacky yet it was priced at $72. Yeah, they were retailed at high value for something that looked so cheap. Even the one necklace they sent looked like it came out of a 75 cent bubble gum machine. On my questionnaire I did choose the cheaper the better for everything, yet the cheap shit I did get was priced higher than I normally buy for things in stores. I have no pictures because I repackaged and mailed out the clothes as soon as I got them because it was so bad. I have no idea who my stylist was, but I can confidently say I myself could have done a much better job at their job then they did.

   Everyone’s experiences are different so maybe Stitch Fix is worked for you. It is a good idea for people who don’t have time to dress themselves or don’t care what they wear. I myself did it out of curiosity and wanting to see what a “stylist” would come up with. It turned out horrible for me. I wouldn’t recommend this service to most because the clothing prices are insane for what you get. I would recommend this service to someone with a lot of money and does not care about what they wear. Remember if you do decide to use this service make sure the clothes come in during the beginning of the week and while you’re in town because you only get 3 days to bring it back. They don’t specify if it’s business days or not on the info card. It may be clearer on their website I honestly did not check if it is or not, but I would still caution because to me 5 days is fair. Three days just seems like a trap from my perspective.


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