Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Overview


 About a week ago I finally learned the existence of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. An Animal Crossing app for both android and iphone. Players begin being asked various questions which for the most part do nothing for you in the game. The only question that matters is what starter camp you want and as you progress in the game even that doesn’t really matter. Your character name and gender are the only things that are permanent after choosing. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp to me is basically a decent introduction to the Animal Crossing series and probably not the best for long time Animal Crossing fanatics.

   The app has all the characters that fans have to come to know and love (or hate), but also not really. The characters are present catchphrase and all, but not their personalities. Players can choose either nature, cute, sporty, or cool as their starter camp style. Each character falls under one of these “styles” and it seems like those are the 4 personalities. Making the characters flat and almost unrecognizable to long time Animal Crossing players.  The loading screen with quotes from various characters and their individual profiles do help players imagine what their personalities are like, but it still takes away from the original games. To me it seems like Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is more like the game My Sims, but with the aesthetics of Animal Crossing. This is because the game play itself reminds me of My Sims where players build and collect items for residents in order to gain friendship with the residence and level up.


 In Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, players are supposed to collect certain items such as fish,bugs, and fruit that each of the characters want. Which is normal in all animal crossing games. Players can also craft items for their campsite. Crafting materials are gained through completing character requests, Leveling a character’s heart level, and leveling yourself. There’s also an area on the map called “Shovelstrike Quarry” where you help Lloid collect minerals in exchange for various crafting materials. The Shovelstrike Quarry prize rotates every 3 hours. In order to gain access to the area you need either 20 leaf tickets or get help from 5 friends. Crafting furniture is not only for your own aesthetics, but also how you’re going to level yourself the raise the friendship level limit of each character.

   In order for the other campers to visit your campsite, players must craft and place the furniture that each individual character wants. At first it’s annoying because you have to constantly change your campsite if you want to invite your favorite characters. On the bright side once they’re invited, you no longer need to have those items on your campsite. Of course that also means you’re constantly building useless furniture you’ll never use again. What irks me the most about the game is if you don’t have the right amenity certain characters’ friendship levels will stop at a minimum of level 7. Meaning if you want to collect all their special items you’ll need all the amenities at the highest level. Players are limited to having only 2 amenities on their camp site, but you can store and replace them with a new one. I just wish you could expand at a certain level so you can have up to 4 amenities on your site at once. For now you cannot craft clothing, but you can purchase them at the rotating market.

   All the regular Animal Crossing vendors such as Nook and  Able Sisters are located at the market. The market shops rotate for what seems to be every 6 hours (I could be wrong). You can get items to customize your character and buy furniture for your RV. Oh right, you do get an RV that you can customize both internally and externally. Honestly I don’t care for this feature, but I’ve found you make grossly high amounts of bells as you play so it’s a good way to burn all the extra bells. Since expanding and painting your RV can cost as much as 40,000 bells, but don’t worry the game makes you pay for it in loans so you can slowly pay it back later. You also get more space to customize which is great because I still feel like you don’t get much space on your own campsite.


 Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp to me is just an introduction game to the Animal Crossing Series. There aren’t many interactions you get from the other characters other than giving them items and them giving you advice on the game itself. Also campers rotate every 3 hours so you only get so much time to bond with each character. Unless you invite them to your campsite. The game is still fairly new so I’m sure new features and updates will happen. I’ll still continue to play the game since I don’t have time to play a real Animal Crossing game. I would recommend this game to someone who loves Animal Crossing, but has no time for the actual game because of what happens when you neglect a real Animal Crossing town.



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